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Eda Koyagasioglu (a.k.a. La Dee Eda) is a Turkish Singer, Songwriter, Pianist and Producer.

Eda blends classical piano with Indie Pop/Rock sounds in a jazz influenced atmosphere and describes her music as "Modern Age Piano Chronicles."
Using her career in teaching music she was able to expand on her lifetime worth of interest and experience with classical music. She was soon attracting attention in the local music scene with some of her early cover song material. Eda's cover of 'My Songs What You Did In The Dark' by Fall Out Boy exceeded expectations being downloaded by thousands around the world. Her cover received so much praise the band decided to publish it on their official fan team website. Her original songs received enthusiastic commendations from the audience and support from major independent music magazines/radio stations throughout Turkey. She has performed in the many prestigious concert venues and festivals such as the Zeytinli Rock Festival, Babylon, Nublu and Sofar Sounds. Eda has performed in multiple solo tours around Europe in places like Rome, Amsterdam, Budapest, Berlin, and Vienna. She is now recording for her debut album with electronic collaborations coming from all over. Her debut single 'Black Bird' which includes two remixes and an acoustic live version has been released by Partapart Records available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

"Known for her covers for several bands La Dee Eda
made a successful start releasing her first single "Black Bird"."
Bant Magazine

"La Dee Eda is welcoming us with her powerful vocals
in songs 'Joyride' and 'Intuition'."


"Built around the piano line, came to life with La Dee Eda's
pure and beautiful voice 'Black Bird'."
The Rave Magazine

"Generously sharing a musical treasure."
Turkiye'den Alternatif Sesler


"Fed from jazz roots and surrounded by indie-pop"
Hafif Muzik

"360 degree musician"